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Posted on 15 Oct 2015 at 11:34am

This fashion show is started to show the current event spectrum. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson resumed the roles of Derek Zoolander and Hansel during the show for the display of unexpected comic timings of the show. Then they started the production of the show. Chiuri and Piccioli got the inspiration of the show from the front-page headlines.

They showed the dresses of this collection, which are made in African style but they did not explain it. The dresses styles showed the drawing of tribes and they can influence after the artists, Braque and Picasso. Now the artists have to work over it to design the collection beautifully and show their craft work with exquisite treatments and guide the young fashion lovers.

The dresses show the colorful patchwork with modern and folkloric styles. The embroidery work shows the tribal tradition and the sleeves are down with the colors of the current fashion trend. Two gowns are prepared in blush tulle and these are delicately embroidered with tribal marking and prepared in white colors & these are trimmed with majestic and wonderful ivory feathers, which are added on the collars and cuffs. The dresses are added with wild tie and also with robust daywear options. The skirts and shirts are prepared in athletic military jackets and the cargo pants are worn with backless fringed knits. Leatherwork on the dresses is done with harness tops, layered over printed dresses, carved corsets, and has the maxiskirt cut with the vertical strips. The collection has some impressive moments with the fashion brand and it can be interwoven with African motifs that were in the Western classical style.

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