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By zeeshan
Posted on 31 Oct 2016 at 8:22am

Famous 19 year old celebrity Kylie Jenner faced few hurdles during her journey to dominate the cosmetic world. The Better Business Bureau criticized her company for not properly delivering her products, several famous beauty bloggers criticized the formula quality of her Lip Kit brush while her website also crushed on several occasions. But even then she remained committed with her cosmetic line.

Recently, we are having the latest problem about the ‘Kylie Cosmetics’. For quite some time, fake products and websites are created by bogus companies as they know that loves of Lip Kit will purchase these products from eBay or even through few murky sites and it ended in losing of money by few of the buyers.

But few days ago, a fan Emma Morgan wrote on Twitter that few of these fake cosmetics are also dangerous. After using this fake product, her lips get sealed as there was glue in this lip stick. She also proved evidence by attaching a video.

Seed Beauty is the parent company of ‘Kylie Cosmetics’ and its president Laura Nelson accepted that this is a huge problem as these things are harmful for consumers not only economically but also for their safety and health due to which they are taking this matter very seriously. Everyone should be aware completely about any product they are using on their face and lips while you remain unaware about the properties of the object using on your body if such fake products are present in the market.

Warning Fake Kylie Cosmetics Products

Now Federal Bureau of Investigation is involved in this matter and a site with URL kyliecosmeticsoutlet.com has been banned. FBI, Laura and Kylie have warned the customers to stay away from suspicious sites similar to the abovementioned one.

Apart from giving you information about the difference between original and fake products of ‘Kylie Cosmetics’, we will also tell you that the stocks of Lip Kit products of Kylie are full and you should complete your shopping from there instead of going anywhere else. It is the best choice as this makeup company of the teen star has emptied its stock quite quickly in the past year.


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