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Posted on 07 May 2013 at 5:38am

The campaign has been launched for the celebration of the ‘Wool week’ and it was headed by HRH Prince of Wales. In this campaign, the top fashion designers and interior decorators of Australia are also participated in the campaign. The top Australian fashion designers and brands like Designer Rugs, Strand Arcade, Country Road and David Jones departmental stores are included in this campaign. This campaign has started the show from April 29 to May 05 in different cities of Australia and some of them will continue the exhibition of the wool dresses and accessories till June 30, 2013.

Wool Campaign for Celebration of Wool Week

Wool Campaign for Celebration of Wool Week

There are about eight more interior fashion brands like Fanuli, Designer Rugs, Great Dane, King Furniture, Workshopped, Orson & Blake and Supa Centa Moore Park, which also participated in the campaign. The wool has the hot look and various garments and dresses made up of wool will give natural look and benefits. There are some designers like Katherine Mavridis, who has designed this tremendous garment with wool and exhibit this garment.

The wool provides you normal body temperature and its natural structure regulate the body temperature and it will keep your body warm when it is cold & if your body is cold then it makes it warm.  Now the wool is used with modern technologies with unique designs and styles. The products prepared with wool have long life and their looking is very delicate and decent. The wool gives you sense of warmth during winter and cold season. There are various interior decorations like carpets, upholstery, curtains, floor coverings and cushion can be prepared with this delicate material of wool.

Celebration of Wool Week

Celebration of Wool Week

Workshopped is an Australian outlet, which displayed the fashion products and they can trade relations with Tony Parker, who is the founder of Parker furniture & this has been designed for Campaign for wool.  Tony Parker is also working with other fashion people and has the partnership with Covemore designers and they tried to produce versatile and chic pieces of fashion collection with 100 percent wool.

The ‘Wool Week’ is in full swing and top fashion designers of Australia are working during this week. They are going to introduce new and chic fashion collection of products being prepared with this product. The Strand Arcade of Sydney has done the partnership to start the ‘wool week’. To show the quality of the wool being prepared domestically, Magda Sayeg, the Textile Artist has wrapped about six meters tall fiberglass tree with their own local wool. In this way, she and the textile students showcased about twenty five fashion pieces with wool. The students, participated in this collection of wool belonged to different universities like RMIT University, Whitehouse Institute of Design, Curtin University, University of Technology Sydney and Queensland University of Technology.

Departmental Store Davic Jones started demonstrating the installation of the fashion collection of wool, which they prepared with the influence of various fashion design winter pieces. In the exhibition, the collection of various fashion designers like Marc and Camilla carried on the ‘Wool Week’ campaign.

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