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By zeeshan
Posted on 03 Jan 2017 at 11:12am

Texas has the big reputation and one can expect that they have the home there. If you want to prefer the cozier urban retreat, then you set up the camp at the Richman Signature Properties Parc at the White Rock. It is located near the White Rock Lake and there are many trendy shops and restaurants and it is best for the homes to be located on such picturesque. The interior side of this house did not match with the interior of the neighboring homes. For this purpose, the Richman Signature Properties enlisted their interior designers to reinvent the design at Laurel and Wolf.

The residents of the home chose the list of paint colors and they work with professional interior designer so that they can customize the style of their space. The Kimberly Winthrop of Laurel and Wolf took the model unit to get their partnership rolling and they used sense of tradition as their main inspiration for space.

Kimberly says that homeowners take the page out of history books and they want to make their homes more classical. They use rich pigmented tones in grays, blues and wheat accents and designed the space to see the potential of their home. Millennial and GenXers want the simplicity and they renewed the interest in the classical original furniture pieces and also mixed the design style for the creation of kind eclectic look. She matched the trunks double as side tables in the living room to set up the sense of history to provide much needed storage.

Kimberly wanted to have some space to be sleek and modern without looking sterile and the designers also said that the clean lines and simple and no fuss finishes are there so she chose the silvery gray tiles for dark brown cabinetry, backlash and stainless steel appliances. Kimberly designed the electronic free sanctuary with ties to back to the nature and they use all of the technology in their daily life to make their bedrooms the place of relaxation and rest. They move to their home offices out of bedroom and shift the TV and choose the monochromatic palettes.

There are lot of decision, which they need to make when they enter into the new home and pick all of the finishes and paint the color, accessories and furniture to make them exciting.  When they become the partner in the design process, they can remove the stresses and make their setting in walk in Parc.


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