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Posted on 05 Apr 2013 at 7:55am

Government provided guidelines for healthy eating to reduce the body weight but these guidelines are proved wrong by the research analysis and. The government should ask people not to waste their money for losing their body weight.

If someone wants to reduce his body weight then he should do it steadily and slowly. National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, the loss of weight can be done by reducing the body weight by 500 calories per day. This will result into the loss of fat present in the body up to one pound per week.

Healthy Diet and Eat

Healthy Diet and Eat

Dr Kevin and his team has made research in the University of Maryland in US that the guidelines, which government adopted for reducing the body weight are serious mistakes. He also said that most of the people reduced their body weights in such way but nutritionally, these strategies for reducing the body weight are not good for the health of people and they can tell upon their health. He told this during a conference at the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

The system for the loss of body weight is due to the change in the metabolic system. When you change your diet and slow it down the working of your metabolic system becomes less and slow. When you reduce the amount of calories in your diet then the metabolism will also slow down its function and in this way your body weight will also lose.

There is a research project which is working in the US, give us some hints for the loss of body weight in the long period of time. The National Weight Control Registry in the US has mentioned that there were many thousands people who have lost the body weight up to 70 pounds and  they also maintained their reduced body weight for a period of one year or more. This is possible if you adopt some habits, which help in maintaining the body weight.

Regular Exercise – Most of the people changed their lifestyle and they started some physical activity to reduce and maintain their body weight.

Take healthy breakfast – healthy breakfast will help you reducing the unhealthy snacks.

East Less Fat Food – the people remain fit who eat fast food once in a week.

Eat Out Less – the people remain fit who eat their meals three times in a week.

Watch less TV or DVDs – the people at the registry, two third of them watch TV or DVDs 10 hours a week.

Stay Consistent – the people at the registry abstain from the yo-yo dieting and they do not eat heavy meals on the holidays or on the weekend.

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