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Leo to Cancer Compatibility

Posted on 07 Aug 2012 at 5:20am

Leo and Cancer have varied attitude which may injure their nature and mood. Leo is a good leader and want to spend his life in his own way and on the other hand cancer is a good follower and works on the wishes and guidelines set by his Leo counterpart so their compatibility goes well. This love match has a good marriage. A Leo feels satisfied when a Cancer a lot of admiration of him. They like the company of each other and enjoy the likes of dislikes of each other and this compatibility will not suffer…

Gemini to Cancer Compatibility

Posted on 18 Jul 2012 at 6:16am

The personality traits of a Gemini and a Cancerian are quite different and varied from each other. They have their own thinking to solve their problems. Cancerian is practical by nature but Gemini is only wordy. Gemini has witty, humorous and intellectual nature which attracts the cancer and in the end this match proves as a love match. Cancerian returned with stability and depth in their relationship. Gemini is flirt by nature and produces jealousy and insecurity for Cancerian.

Compatibility of Gemini Man and Cancer Woman

The Cancerian woman likes the enthusiasm and power of the Gemini…

Aries to Cancer Compatibility

Posted on 03 Jul 2012 at 10:28am

According to the rules of astrology, a Cancerian is less devoted to his family if compared to Aries individual. Arians desire the physical presence of the individual and a Cancerian requires mutual dependence and intimacy. Arians appear as cold, calm and reserved but Cancerians are sensitive and needy. The compatibility of this relationship will depend on the understanding between the two. Aries make the Cancer independent. If they fall in love with each other then they will have to compromise with each other. Aries can hurt the crab because they are frank while talking to others. At the same time, Cancer must control the excessive mood &…


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