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Capricorn – Pisces Compatibility

Posted on 26 Jul 2013 at 6:45am

The relationship between the Capricorn and the Pisces are something amazing. Both of them possessing the nature of banks of river which never meet but they enjoy their lives. Capricorn has the habit of living in fantasy but on the other side Pisces do the day dreaming. Pisces are reserved and determined and they do not bother for others. Their relationship will get stronger and stronger with the passage of time due to their excellent understanding which acts like a grease to remove friction.

Compatibility of Capricorn Man…

Capricorn – Capricorn Compatibility

Posted on 24 Jul 2013 at 4:15am

The Capricorn person has the features of reliability, trust worthiness, dependence and also possessing strong and strict perseverance. Their Moto about their life is “slow and steady wins the race”. They adopt this proverb and work steadily without any break and stand successful.  They are very sensitive and do not express their feelings to other people and feel shy in describing their thinking. They are very ambitious and always ready to work with zeal and energy. They love their mates and remain loyal to them and also expect the same feeling from their counterpart. They are also supportive and support their fellow beings.

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