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Try 10 Figure Flattering Runways Trends in This Season

Posted on 30 Oct 2013 at 6:04am

It can be difficult to determine which looks are going to fit and flatter, with a chic crop of new trends introduced to us every season. Your body shape doesn’t need to translate into shapeless, boring outfits for fall, whether you are full-figured, petite, boyish or curvy. This season, accentuate your best asserts with figure flattering trends, plucked from the runways straight to help you conceal, nip and tuck with style.

Mariam Sikander Eid Jewelry Women Collection 2013

Posted on 02 Aug 2013 at 9:53am

The fashion trends are changing swiftly in the fashion world as we all know and as a result a lot many fashion brands are appearing and getting tremendous fame and success with the big bang blast. We would like to mention the name of Mariam Sikander as well among such brands. Probably Mariam Sikander is counted among one of the most popular and one of the eminent designers in Pakistan. The fashion designer Mariam Sikander entered the fashion industry in 2012 and gained enormous success and fame within one year. Mariam Sikander is busy in providing the jewelry collection for the women. Usually…

How wearing white can be flattering see here

Posted on 02 Aug 2013 at 5:22am

You know that white is the color of the season until or unless you have unplugged and gone to live in media backed out sub terrain area. I concluded that right white can be louder than neon pink whether as a fresh manicure, covering dress and strappy sandals.


At times the white color seems to be unforgiving therefore I like to wear it in looser silhouettes and play up accents like draping, massive elements and pleating. I usually pair my LWDs with…

Wearing Culottes and Not Looking as Hot-Air Balloon

Posted on 13 Jul 2013 at 7:21am

The teenagers like to wear the pair of vintage culottes, which are looking good with the hybrid and tremendous shorts, pants and skirts. Most of the mom advises their teenager girls to wear these culottes with the shorts, or pants. These shoes with the shirts, skirts or pants look great and fantastic.

This style of dress is looking good for the spring and Resort 2013 runways so you should adopt it with great confidence. The use of these dresses with the fashionable shoes will grow confidence and you will be happy to adopt this styling trend.

Meet Suitable Dress for Every Body Shape

Posted on 10 Jul 2013 at 5:23am

There are various types of dresses available in the market. They have different prices ranging from £50 to £100 or even to the £595. The fashion designer said that she designs the dresses in different way and the dresses have the costs due to its fine clothing. She uses Italian wool in some dresses and prepares the knee length dresses and these dresses are quite fit every body. Different color combination is used in these dresses, which enhance the attraction of the dresses.

12 Chic Summer Hats Protect from Heat & Enhance Looking

Posted on 08 Jul 2013 at 5:04am

With the arrival of summer season, various styles and designs of summer hats are coming in the market. The summer hats are found in various charming and decent colors, which can help you protecting from sunscreen, make the feelings cool and provide you shades in the blazing sun. The fine quality material is used in these hats and caps. The attractive and bright colors make these hats, number one choice of young women and girls. You can look the hats in the pictures and you will also like to choose the best quality hats with attractive colors and designs.

31 Stunning Outfits Wear All July Long

Posted on 05 Jul 2013 at 5:49am

Various stunning dresses for the summer season are exhibited through various fashionable models. The dresses are designed for women and look great for hot days of July and women and young girls should choose dresses of their taste. Shorts are added with T-shirts or they can also use the skirt to look beautiful and stunning.

The short dresses or skirts will give you sense of easiness and comfort while moving here and there. The short dresses are prepared with the combination of different colors and prints to give them awesome looking. There are various dresses and these will appeal you in these hot days. You can enjoy with…

Fashion Math Introduces Summer Weekend Edition

Posted on 28 Jun 2013 at 5:22am

Various other fashion brands introduced the summer season dresses and other accessories with them including shoes, clutches, shopping bags, shorts and many other items. The shorts or trousers give them sense of comfort during the summer season. The combination of different accessories including hats, skirts with floppy trousers and sunglasses give you complete outlook of your personality.

You can find the shorts and skirts in different bright colors and prints and these dresses are great with airing sandals & show the elegance of the dresses to your personality will add the touch of fashion with it. You can see the collections in…

22 Jewels Dresses Perfect for Summer Wardrobe

Posted on 28 Jun 2013 at 5:08am

The dresses designed for the summer season are placed in the collection. During the summer season, the people want to wear fewer clothes, which they seemed possible to avoid hot season. This fashion brand has designed the dresses for the summer season with floppy summer frocks and added with eye-catching jewels. The price of the dresses is under $50 and everyone can afford to buy these dresses at this reasonable rate.

Erdem x Matches Bring Revolution in Fashion Heaven

Posted on 26 Jun 2013 at 6:21am

In the Refinery 29, the fashion designer has prepared the dresses for Isabel Marant, which is going to be introduced during November this year. The people who do not wait till then, they should check the dresses placed in the Erdem and enjoy the fine quality of dresses.

The fashion brand has presented the dresses and it created the six-piece collection for this fashion brand. These prints are very colorful and elegant. The designer has chosen three prints among them and these dresses are very delightful. Their prices are starting from £540 and it is not easy to update their summer wardrobes. The images of the…


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