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History of Fashionable Uniforms

Posted on 10 Jun 2013 at 7:03am

You talk about any field restaurant, hotels, and flight attendants; we are surrounded by a lot of favorite uniforms that were seen in many past years.

The uniform that much a lot of popularity was of Braniff International Airways in 1966 which was designed by Emilo Pucci.

In the year 1967 the design for Lufthansa Airlines became popular designed by Oleg Cassini.

Talking about 1971 when Yiannis Tseklenis designed uniforms for Olympic Airline Attire. The other uniforms designed include Emilo Pucci designing Braniff International Airways and Denver, Carolyn Camp designed Colorado Federal Savings Bank’s Uniform.

In 1973 Marry Quant designed uniform for Court Line Aviation Air Hostesses.

In 1991 the famous Giorgio Armani designed


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