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Blake Shelton New Album If I’m Honest

Posted on 20 May 2016 at 11:10am

On 20th May, Blake Shelton (39) has just released his autobiographical new album that produces the happy and sad effects simultaneously. There is lot about his breakup with Miranda Lambert (32) and finding later love Gwen Stefani (46) in this album but his fans will also lyrics about the country life of his home town.

The title of the album is quite suitable as he talked about half of his half including last year in this completely autobiographical album. But it’s not the first time that she expressed his feelings through his songs. His first single “Come here to Forget” was about her relations with Gwen while both also performed…

Gwen Stefani Raves Over Blake Shelton’s New Album — Hinting At Romantic Songs?

Posted on 07 Mar 2016 at 7:33am

The new album of the leading singer, Blake Shelton is now going to be released and his beloved, Gwen Stefani is now to wait and get excited about the release of his new coming album. She has tweeted about his new coming album and she has proved that she is still his number one fan.

Gwen Stefani, 46 praised her beloved guy, Blake Shelton, 39 about his new album. Kelly Clarkson tweeted on March 03 and showed that she loved with Blake too much. Gwen agreed on it on March 05 and the fans should click through it to watch her tweet.

When Blake shared…

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Top Most Elegant Celebrity Couples

Posted on 09 Oct 2015 at 7:56am

However their Hollywood sentiments are not begrudge enough inciting, the heavy portion of our most loved couples brag gaily cool and admiring style. As well enjoy some downtime rockers such as Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale different times it’s the Gracious, beautiful, you all dependably appear cute as faultless and cleaned, Beyonces and Jay Zs of the world. In any case these celebs couples move us to be way pickier I the style enclosure while looking for a mate.

George clooney and Amal Alamuddin


Gwen Stefani Donates $1 Million to Japan Relief Effort…

Posted on 15 Apr 2011 at 7:09am

Musician Gwen Stefani has donated $1 million to Save the Children’s relief effort in Japan, proving that she’s not just another pretty face — she’s also a humanitarian.

Stefani will join the growing number of celebrities  around the  world  are doing  what they can to  help those in need  after the earthquake and tsunami wiped out by all the towns and villages in northern Japan early this month. These celebs are Sandra Bullock (who donated  $ 1,000,000  to the Red  Cross), Lady Gaga, and even Charlie Sheen. In addition to her generous donations, Stefani is also the shirt that her band,…

The Daily Shuffle: Chris Brown Explains ‘GMA’ Appearance

Posted on 04 Apr 2011 at 12:08pm
After the incident at GMA, Chris Brown went on BET’s 106 and Park and gave a big explanation about why he reacted so strongly to the questions about Rihanna and the restraining order she had issued against him. He said, “When we actually did this event everything was cool. We was suppose to perform, the talking points were positivity, creative, and everything that was sent to me, everything was about the album. So as the interview proceeded it was thrown off, and I was kind of thrown off by it. I felt like…

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