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Pisces – Aquarius Compatibility

Posted on 16 Jul 2013 at 4:25am

In the beginning, both Aquarius and Pisces like the company of each other. A Pisces will find happiness for having the relationship with an Aquarius person. Pisces is very loving and caring and try to Aquarians on a trip to the dreamland. But Aquarian finds it difficult for them because they are freedom lovers and like to search new things. Pisces are very sensitive and tender and requires a strong personality. But on the other side, Aquarius needs a less emotional partner. Due to some problems which are arisen by their opposite nature, the pair may not be able to maintain this relationship for a long time…

Aries to Pisces Compatibility

Posted on 03 Jul 2012 at 11:12am

Pisceans are good humored and they make you happy, thrilled and exuberant but sometimes make you sad. Pisceans have very sensitive and emotional nature. On the contrary of Arians, Pisceans are shameful and adamant and like to be directed by Arians. Arians rule over the Pisceans and they like their comfortable and gentle way of loving. If this relationship has to travel on rough road but with the intelligence of Arian and gentle love of Piscean, this relationship proved to be the most amazing pair of the zodiac. Compatibility of Aries Man and Pisces Woman

The compatibility…


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