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Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik Getting Married?: Why She Won’t Hide Her Engagement Ring

Posted on 14 Apr 2016 at 11:22am

There are rumors that the affair between the singer Zayn Malik and model Gigi Hadid is going to the ultimate end and they will soon marry. We know how beautiful supermodel is Gigi Hadid and she will surely look exceptional as bride and we are waiting for that moment. What we know now about them is given below. It is not a secret that Gigi Hadid (20) and Zayn Malik (20) love each other. In order to find closeness between the two you can watch his video for “Pillowtalk”. Another way to find their love is by viewing the May issue of ‘Vogue’ magazine where they are present together for…

Neelam Gill Gushes Over Zayn In Interview

Posted on 04 Sep 2015 at 11:56am

Primarily Zayn Malik and Neelam Gill were dated in the month of August, however as a freshly resurfaced interview showed that the Burberry model was in fact talking regarding her rumored beau as far back as April!

From the time Zayn Malik and Neelam Gill have lately been together, a recently resurfaced interview along with Burberry Model proved that she was talking regarding the previous One Directioner as far back as April. Maybe these two Celebes are close than we were thinking about them.

Zayn looks like…

Zayn Wants Perrie Edwards To Pack up All Her Stuff From His House

Posted on 10 Aug 2015 at 11:58am

This is the end of time for these two celebrities. Zayn Malik allegedly wants Perrie Edwards to gather things out of their shared home after their fall apart.

Zayn Malik has reportedly told his previous fiancée to get of their London shared home, as per to a shocking latest report. But because the Little Mix singer is away, it is going to be allegedly up to her parents to performed a big move.

In the month of July 2015 he called an end to their relationship, exactly…

Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik Cheating Rumors which Ruined Them

Posted on 02 Apr 2015 at 11:40am

The 22 year old Zayn Malik may have give up One Direction in a disappointed effort to maintain hi fiancée, 21 year old Perrie Edwards from breaking up with him. Indeed, rumors regarding his out of control attitude along with groupies were so much for the Little Mix singer to control and they closely drove her away.

“wherever Zayn went Girls threw themselves at him and he all the time had a curious time mentioning no. “Perrie was all the time worrying about it, however…


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