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By zeeshan
Posted on 08 Apr 2017 at 11:31am

The women like to get the ear styling and there is at least Pinterest 100 of 2017, which are reported by social scrapbooking site. There is recent increase in the saved pins and the Insights team of Pinterest is betting to have the multiple earrings and their look will be huge this year. According to report, there has been 255 percent increase in interest in ‘multiple earrings’ over past year.

The women can check the Zoe Kravitz effect and the multiple ear piercings have done their way to the mainstream. The fashion fixtures like Kravitz, Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansson and Nicole Richie are the well known designers to sport upward of the four earrings at once.

The fashion lovers picked up on the once fringe trend and there are more earrings and less conventional placement and the jewelry designers have appeared on the occasion and they get the lobe huggers ear crawlers, twirl hoops and cuffs for those, who love the effect of multiple earrings. There are some piercing salons like Manhattan of New York Adorned and they are headed by Kravitz favorite J. Colby Smith and she has done the specialization in manage the multiple earrings in asymmetric and aesthetically pleasing the patterns that are most traditional fashion gals.

The piercers like Smith and his colleagues like Cassi Lopez, Adrian Castillo of New York Adorned and the jewelry brands like Monocraft and Amarilo fill the instagram pages with huge number of ear spiration.

Multiple Earrings

Multiple Earrings

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