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By safyan
Posted on 06 Nov 2017 at 6:24am

The women and girls want to look beautiful and they want to have shiny and wonderful skin. They look for different remedies or look for the perfect salon. But they need to take great care and avoid excessive use of everything. They need to do facials, pedicures, hair treatment and some other beauty treatments to do every other day.

1.      Hair Shine

Every girl wants to have silky, smooth and shiny lustrous locks and they want to get their hair done in wonderful style. They also get the keratin treatment for their hair and if you get it done once, but there are some of the side effects. The research shows that it is added with formaldehyde, which is present in the products, which are used for treatment and they can show their adverse effects on eyes, respiratory and nervous system, which may lead to cancer. The inhaling of the formaldehyde fumes is not good and you should avoid using this type of treatment regularly.

2.      Manicure and Pedicure

When you get the manicure and pedicure next time, you should pay the attention to hygiene factor of salon and cleaning tools. You should avoid use of dirty tub, cuticle cutter, un-sanitized nail files and clippers can cause the bacterial, viral and fungus infection. You should not use gel manicure as they can expose you to the dangerous UV light and can damage nail cuticles and weaken the nail bed. When you get done the nail buffing, you get done shiny nail. In this way, you strip away the layer of nail to make it weaker.

3.      Exfoliation

Scrubbing and exfoliation is the best way to remove the dead cells from skin, when you do it at the regular intervals. If you exfoliate on every other day, your skin is not regenerated and it can damage your skin by removing the skin prematurely. Over-exfoliation in the skin and weaken barrier function and make it weak to infection.

4.      Fish Pedicures

Many women and girls like to have fish pedicure but it can be serious health issues. If the water of fish tank is not changed and it is sanitized after every use, then it can lead to some infections. Fish cannot sanitize like nail clippers and files and there are various skin infections, hepatitis and AIDS, which can spread through them. As these fishes are used for every customers, so you should be careful about the place where you are going to have tiny fish nibble the dead skin of the toes. If you have wound or cut on the foot, then avoid fish pedicure.

5.      Fake Eyelash

Do not use fake eyelash every day. It is possible that it can increase look of your eyes but the regular use may end losing of the real eye lashes due to glue, which pulls them off. You should avoid use them regularly but you can wear them on the special occasion and function.

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