Latest Lady Dior Campaign at Christian Diors Birthplace0 Comments

By zeeshan
Posted on 28 Oct 2016 at 7:11am

Marion Cotillard is the French actress and model, who is the brand ambassador of Dior and she has shown are seventh appearance of the brand. She has shot the latest and new Lady Dior handbag campaign on the location of childhood home of Monsieur Dior in Granville, France. Craig McDean has done the photography of the shoot while she was sitting on the wicker chair among the floral gardens of villa.

Latest Lady Dior Campaign at Christian Diors Birthplace

The forum members shared the emotions towards the campaign. Someone said that all was feeling fake as shooting in the garden can be looked very lovely. It was also commented and said that overall effect is assaulting and lighting is not perfect according to the situation. They continued their shooting in that town and the campaign was completed with Mica, Natalie and Julia Nobis and their photos were shot there. People did not believe as it was looking fake, as it was looking so spring than autumn. They showed their pleasure to get some color and glamour, If Marion could smile at that moment, then it would be looking good.

Latest Lady Dior Campaign at Christian Diors Birthplace

Taylor Binque gave the comments over and said that they could do it at any garden in Paris and they did not need to go to Granville. She was thinking that they would use Meisel in the main campaign and they would complete in more cinematic and it will be looked beautiful with Marion Cottilard.



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