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Posted on 04 Dec 2017 at 12:50pm

Mariam Rehman shared how she got inspired from the manufacturing of shoes and she has started her own shoeline. She shared how she established her shoe brand and she designed her favorite designs.

How and when did you started taking interest in shoes?

I have always been the shoe lover and I wanted to have big collection of the shoes in my closet. I started looking at the people from their feet up. The good quality and design shoes took my interest and I want to have the pair of shoe for myself. The local market got huge amount of blingy stuff and it is found hard to digest and people look for the comfort in the shoes. The international companies launched their shoes in our market and they grabbed my attention and I had to buy the most chick shoes. I made up my mind in 2012 rather than looking the shoes of others, why not I start my own shoe line having trendy, comfortable and affordable shoes for everyone.

Share story with us how you designed your favorite pair of shoes?

I have designed numerous wonderful and cheeky styles of the shoes but my favorite pair is that we did with Eiffel tower on it. We want to make the kolhapuri pair in wonderful and shocking pink color. When we choose the materials, I stumbled across this shoe clip, which is fit on the strap. We put it on there and it got wonderful response from the clients.

When I started the fashion brand, lot of people including karighars would discourage me. They thought that I was going to waste my money on this brand. I have already completed the short course in shoe making and I knew well that I was going to do what sort of business. In the first collection, I have prepared the shoe with the real chunky embellishments and everyone told me they looked gaudy and typical and it would not sell. But that shoe was proved the most bought shoe from the collection. I faced hardships and received the criticism so it makes me emotional to be attached with it.

Share what you favorite shoe from your collection?

I like the simplest one and I like to wear these simple shoes every single day. Most of the simple shoes are prepared in blue colors and these shoes are included with Trinkets, Flutter, Blue Press and Arnie from the latest collection. I have manufactured these shoes from the heart.

Is there anything in your mind to make in future?

Yes, there is huge number of models in my mind. But the project is the secret and I cannot spill it at all. It will be definitely something one of the kind they has never been done. We really want to bring out the formals which would include heels and wedges and there are varieties than flats.

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