Check How You Pull Off the Bustier Trend IRL0 Comments

By zeeshan
Posted on 09 Feb 2017 at 5:25am

Traditionally, corsets and bustier tops are used in bedrooms or kept under the clothes but the new fashionable outfits are getting more prominent this season by the extraction of bustier and corset tops. Initially, this trend was popularize by the ‘Prada Fall 2016 show’ due to its showcase of white corset belts on runways and later this trend was shown by Balmain and Rihanna at Fenty x Puma. The current trend is that these bustier tops of different sizes and shapes are beautifully and perfectly paired with almost everything from suit jackets to oversized white shirts.

You can view the pictures of these fashion girls to get inspiration of how to take your bustier tops out from your closes and used in the streets.

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