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By safyan
Posted on 30 Oct 2017 at 7:55am

The wonderful, refined and delicate jewelry pieces, which the women want to wear everyday. The jewelry pieces are good and they are tiny diamonds, skinny sparkling bracelets and chic rings. They need to start their list and bookmark the favorite with full view and the subtle hints are provided as the last Christmas.

Aurum and Grey Etoile and Solitare Bracelet, £240

A+G is well known for initial earrings, which are worn by Jenners, Kardashians and Eva Chen and they are the edit of delicate and sophisticated necklaces, rings and bracelets. The Etoile Solitaire Bracelet is the true star, which is taken from this collection.

Jewelry Pieces for Christmas Wish List

Jewelry Pieces for Christmas Wish List

Maya Brenner 14K Gold Asymmetrical Letter Necklace, $240

The initial necklaces are part of basic jewelry wardrobe of everyone and LA based brand, Maya Brenners subtle chains are provided in the market in gold colors and they can be adapted and make the personal combination.

Redline Diamond Illusion Bracelet, £275

The name of this jewelry pieces shows fine, understand bracelet has twinkly floating diamond to wink from corner of the eye.

Missoma Gold Bar necklace, £109

The simple gold bar necklace is adorned with the diamond and it can be personalized for free. You need to choose what you want for 14 characters.

Loquet London Diamond Kiss Puzzle Ring, £290

You can add the excellent and sophisticated diamond ring or wear it alone as pretty statement.

Cartier Trinity De Cartier Bracelet, £510

When you look at this delicate piece of jewelry in shape of ring, you ever thought of it to get it for £510. We love this white gold and ceramic bracelet.

Maria Tash Diamond Star Eternity Ring, £556

This jewelry piece is excellent for the ear curation and it remained popular for previous couple of years. When you look at the Maria Tash jewelry offering and the piercing skills, this delicate earrings adorn most editor fashion ears and the latest diamond is encrusted with delicate designs.

Maya J NYC Diamond Bezel Chain Ring, $220

This is the delicate and sophisticated ring and it has shiny 3.0 carat diamond, which has 14k rose gold chain. It will give wonderful look when you wear it in your fingers.

Annoushka Love Diamonds Spider Bracelet, £395

This jewelry piece is the incy, wincy diamond spider and it sets on the invisible rose gold bracelet chain and most of the women will love this pretty piece.

Kat Kim Rose Thread Ear Pin, $460

You can check the statement earring like Kat Kim 18 k gold ear pin, which is nice alternative to multiple piercings, if you are not in the more earring trend.

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