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By zeeshan
Posted on 18 Feb 2017 at 5:52am

Home decoration trends don’t change in every season like dresses but trends change with time. Now, taxidermy and chevron like styles are considered outdated while they were once considered most modern and stylish trends. It is a perfect thing to make 2017 as the year of ‘sweet home’. For this purpose, we decided to present 2017 home décor trends for you that should be adopted this year. You can read them below.

Art Within Reach

Sites like ‘Etsy’ are popularizing handcrafted movements that are making real art possible for many people. It looks very beautiful to hang original art work on walls of the house.

Gem Tones and Warm Metals

This year will also show the trend of gem tones. A place will look rich and superb after decorating with number of gen tones. Another thing to make a trend in 2017 is warm metals. These things will replace brushed aluminum and stainless steel this season.

Wellness Touches

Energy in the surroundings promotes wellness of mind. In 2017, wellness is more related with luxury. Design is much affected by natural light and flow of energy. Modern fitness centers and infrared saunas are also trending this season.


Greenery became an important trend of the year after it was announced as ‘2017 color of the year’ by Pantone. The green color not only represents spring season and outdoor environment but it also shows our desire to free us from the modern digital lifestyle and connect to pure nature.

Showers Are the New Tubs

The perfect spot in a beautiful bathroom was considered as a copper soaker or a clawfoot tub. But now shower is replacing them along with things like floor to ceiling windows.

Luxurious Finishes

Polished nickel is warmer and feels richer as compared to polished chrome. It is also better to replace traditional round doorknobs with brass or rose gold colored levers.


Instagram should also be consulted to choose trends for year 2017. Nanoleaf Aurora is one such thing as this LED panel lightening system can display candlelight or show patterns of various colors. By using an app on your phone, you can use it easily. A room can be made look superb by using this type of beautiful lightening.

Tech Doesn’t Have to Be Ugly

Immediate connection to technology is necessary and the best performing and well designed Wi Fi is ‘eero’. For connection, you can easily place it on bookshelf or any other appropriate position.

Semi-Separate Kitchens

Wide and open kitchens remained in the trend in past years but now the trend has changed with several separate kitchens and these kitchens can also be used as single entity while entertaining guests.


Designers are adding new feeling in the decoration that are pleasant for eyes and touch in order to take people away from their TV and computer screens. Designs in 2017 highly depend on this feeling and tenderness.

The Lived-in Look

The style of Marie Kondo is fading now as layering textures with extra pillows are replacing strict simplicity of the beds. It is better to make our room look be a part of our home.

Smart Accessories

It is better to purchase stylish everyday items that can be displayed every time due to shortage of storage place. Kitchen appliances should also be updated as matte black and matte white appliances are now provided by Whirlpool.


As compared to past, now we have more geometrical shapes of angles and curves with the inclusion of round mirrors, triangular shelves and hexagonal tables.

It’s All Connected

Through internet, most of our home devices are connected to each other through which we can monitor and control our homes easily. We can improve our energy consumption along with improving various aspects of our life. Cam Indoor, Thermostat and other such items should be used for this purpose that will make your home really smart.

Light as Art

Beautiful lights can now be used to cure Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) syndrome and it gave rise to the trend of using light as art. Without making any disorder, you can make your room look tighter by using distinctive lighting. Increase energy of your space by using the combination of up lights and down lights.

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