Nursery for Husbands who Annoyed Shopping of Wives0 Comments

By zeeshan
Posted on 11 Nov 2016 at 8:16am

Shanghai, A shopping mall in China has prepared a nursery for the husbands, who got annoyed with the shopping of their wives. The annoyed husbands can stay in this nursery to take rest and they can get enjoyment with the television. The day care centers and nurseries are developed for the children, now the places are made for the husbands to stay there and during this time, their wives can do the shopping in the shopping malls.

This nursery is made in the Vanke Shopping Mall in Shanghai and the male persons do not need to move with their wives having bad mood but they can enjoy with TV in the air conditioned atmosphere. They can use Wi-Fi or they can sleep on the massage chair. The men can also stay at the cafeteria or other place but this nursery is quite free and it is developed especially for the men. This new facility has got tremendous popularity on the social media. One person that his wife spends a lot of time on shopping and this process is very difficult than go to work but this mall is good.

A survey is conducted in UK and it is revealed that husbands go with their wives for shopping and just after 26 minutes, they get bore and 80% men do not like shopping with their wives. 45% people said that they do not go for shopping at any cost.

Nursery for Husbands who Annoyed Shopping of Wives

Nursery for Husbands who Annoyed Shopping of Wives


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