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By zeeshan
Posted on 17 Oct 2016 at 11:43am

Graffiti is the name for street art which is quite much present in fashion industry these days. But it is usually regarded as provocative and even illegal sometimes in artistic form. It is because designers are always presenting new and unexpected art which results in a severe reaction. Those people that were mocked due to their graffiti style in the beginning are now welcomed from Moschino’s graffiti-tagged gowns to recent collaboration of Gucci with GucciGhost.

This collaboration is not new as Marc Jacobs-approved collaboration got the profit of $300 million after Stephen Sprouse disfigure Vuitton bags in 2001. It was evident for designers that youth market can be achieved with mixture of low and high culture.

But these relations don’t remain best always. The brands of Moschino and Roberto Cavalli entered a lawsuit with claims of their street art designs been taken without permission by the other brand which later resulted in eradication of profit for both. The labels who perform correctly together from beginning to end performs well. Following are the artists that went from street to the studio successfully.


GucciGhost was the result of teenage obsession with Gucci that stemmed from Halloween costumes by Gucci. But the artist Trevor Andrew was aware that actual Gucci collection is not his job. He was fortunate that new creative director Alessandro Michele accepted his cartoon Gussi ghost symbol and invited him for fall 2016 collection. Just recently, GucciGhost’s effort of metallic bomber jacket and a was released saturated gold “REAL” is released.


Michael De Feo

Michael De Feo

Artist Michael De Feo is defacing fashion ads for over two decades as he has covered faces from Rihanna to Cara Delevingne on his floral graffiti. De Feo was given a project of New York’s bus shelter ads after which he arrived in New York. The fashion world accepted his art of femine rebellion and he Christian Louboutin and Neiman Marcus invited him for a social media campaign and an artwork respectively. Earlier this year, the personal exhibition of the artist was also held.

Mr. Brainwash

Sunglass Hut Soho Store Reopening & Artist Series Launch

Banksy is one of the most infamous street artists. Due to this reason, the five-figure sum was achieved by Mr. Brainwash after selling his first street art. He started as a videographer for street art of a cousin and then encountered Banksy on his own. His style was so similar to Banksy that few thought that he is the same person with different name.

He later collaborated with Michael Jackson and Madonna. His first partnership emerged in 2014 nd next year he presented 250 colorful printed pairs of Ray-Bans.



He is different from other artists as he rejects everything that is taken by the fashion industry and criticizes the street styles of designers who sell to rich. He thinks that graffiti should be free and illegal. The artist has damaged storefronts of Yves Saint Laurent and Hermes by transformation of Dios’s fragrance to drug like images.

In 2012 and 2013, KIDULT struck on graffiti shop by painting shirt and other portraits with $686 tag. He also tweeted about it. He also attacked one store of Kanye West.


Harif Guzman

Harif Guzman

Last year, Harif Guzman told that he is just an artist instead of street artist. In 2000, he started this journey and moved to New York as it was only the place where such painting was allowed. He has made collaborations with Diesel and department stores Saks Fifth Avenue and Lane Crawford.


Red, black and white colors are evident in the street styles of Guzman while there are lots of slogans on is street line Delanci. His style was also praised recently by revolutionary celebrities like Lady Gaga.

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