December, 2019

Gul Ahmed Launches Silk Collection 2019

Posted on 19 Dec 2019 at 11:51am

The outstanding and most trending collection of silk dresses the Gul Ahmed Lamis Digital Charmeuse Silk Collection 2019 is launched by a leading fashion designer Gul Ahmed. The collection is completely according to trending fashion for smart and stunning looks. A unique work of various colours with foliage on dupatta and skillful handwork on the shirt makes the collection most adorable and pretty.

Honey Waqar Gul Mohar Collection at PHBCW 2019

Posted on 17 Dec 2019 at 12:01pm

At Pantene HUM Bridal Couture Week 2019 in Lahore, the popular fashion designer presented the collection “Gul Mohar”. The Bridal collection is full of vibrant colors of their stones that appear in the chata patis, to the sheer patterns of their shawls on the royal masterpieces, to the peacocks and paisley in silk, to the jade of deep mahogany and embellished jackets.

“Gul Mohar” is regarded as an important inspiration for one of the most beautiful trees in the…

Nilofer Shahid Kashmir Collection 2019

Posted on 17 Dec 2019 at 11:42am

The fashion designer Nilofer Shahid presented the Dastaan-e-Firdaus collection at the Pantene HUM Bridal Couture Week 2019 in Lahore. The collection describes the beauty and nature of the Kasmir Valley.

It represents the romance of idyllic peace of the valley attracted the emperors to enjoy the beauty, and under the royal patronage flourished the creative arts; the pure and unblemished beauty of Kashmir has inspired musicians, poets, artisans alike.

Madhubala Collection at PHBCW19

Posted on 16 Dec 2019 at 11:52am

The collection Madhubala presented by Reema Ahsan and followed by Ahsan Menswear Darwesh in Pentene Hum Bridal Couture Week at Lahore. Reema Ahsan is a very popular fashion designer in country and releases most adorable and stunning bridal dresses to make their weddings memorable. Madhubala is designed with a structure that takes pride in textual greatness that present the culture, traditions and customs of that time, a manifestation of the royal life…

Diwan-i-Khas Collection by ShamsaHashwani at PHBCW 2019

Posted on 14 Dec 2019 at 12:22pm

Fashion designer Shamsha Hashwani is regarded as the most popular designer especially for wedding dresses. At Pantene Hum Bridal Couture Week 2019 the designer presented her Collection Diwan-i-Khas. The whole cultural values of the Mughal Dynasty were featuring in the collection. The designing of the collection was finished with gemstones and the majestic confines of sandstone architecture.


Bridal Collection 2019 By House Of Mehndi

Posted on 14 Dec 2019 at 12:04pm

The leading designer of the Pakistan House of Mehndi is well known especially for Bridal Collections. In every wedding season the brand introduces its amazing, fashionable and adorable collections for bridals to makes their marriage moments happier and memorable.

In Pentene Hum Bridal Couture Week at Lahore, the designer launched its Bridal Collection 2019. The collection is darkly contrasted which gives a feeling of drama, emphasizes sharp angles, plays with textures and throughout the collection with different…

Kiran Chaudhry’s Anaya Bridal Collection at PHBCW 2019

Posted on 14 Dec 2019 at 11:45am


Kiran Chuadhry’s Anaya is one of the most leading fashion designers in the country. The most adorable, fashionable and stylish collections of beautifully designed clothes for every season are launched by the designer.

Anaya released an aesthetic and contemporary glamorous presentation of…

Al-Zohaib Released Velvet Formal Winter Collection 2019-20

Posted on 06 Dec 2019 at 11:57am

Al-Zohaib is known as one of the leading name in fashion industry of Pakistan. The brand has launched it new Embroidered Velvet Formal Collection 2019-20. It is an exclusive winter collection by the fashion designer.

The new arrival fabric and Embroidered Velvet Collection 2019-20 is considered as a household name and a hot favorite amongst women. The brand has presented embroidered modern innovative dresses for women of all age groups.

Sadia Noor’s Festive’19 Collection at Lifestyle London

Posted on 02 Dec 2019 at 12:18pm

Sadia Asad Noor is a leading name in the fashion industry of Pakistan is popular in its fashionable and trending dressing designs. In the Lifestyle at London by Riwayat fashion show the designer launched its new Festive’19 collection. The collection was attracting and looking charming with hand embroidery work on it.

Qalamkar X Faiza Saqlain Raiza Wedding Collection 2019-20.

Posted on 02 Dec 2019 at 12:09pm

Faiza Saqlain is a popular and leading fashion designer in Pakistan. It launches fashionable, attracting dresses for smart look. The designer has launched its new collection, Qalamkar X Faiza Saqlain Raiza Wedding Collection 2019-20.

The collection is designed with for extra ordinary look and smart appearance specially for wedding season to make these joyful moments remarkable and memorable. The collection is finshed with hand embroidery and tila work on it.


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