Hilarious High-Fashion Memes by Gucci0 Comments

By zeeshan
Posted on 20 Mar 2017 at 5:12am

It seems everyone wants to wear same type of shirt by Gucci after the end of fashion month. In order to take maximum advantage of the situation, Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele performed a superb job that made more people getting mad for the brand.

A well presented meme is the best thing to spread your thoughts on internet. And this system was used to tell about the launch of the latest watch collection of the new Le Marche des Merveilles.

For this purpose, original watch related imagery was developed by Alessandro Michele with the help of various international artists. Later, these images were turned in to memes with the use of superb internet creators.

The talent of these famous meme makers was highlighted by the later campaign named #TFWGucci (That Feeling When Gucci). According to Gucci’s website, it is the feeling of het change of the world and stopping of time when you wear one of the watches of Gucci. It is really a new idea and it has worked a lot.

Here below, you can view these memes by which is the production of Qatar based photographers Andrew Weir and Christto Sanz.

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