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By zeeshan
Posted on 18 Jun 2016 at 7:55am

Keeping skincare in mind is necessary before makeup application. The problems of dark spots and blemishes should be treated through cream, serum and gel before covering them. A good option is to mix skincare with makeup but the issue was solved with the introduction of BB creams few years ago which nurture the skin and provide coverage through mixing makeup and skincare. After that, we also saw the influx of CC, DD (daily defense) and EE (even effect) creams also for skincare solution.
BB is abbreviation for beauty balm (also known as beauty benefit, blemish balm and others) but our today’s topic is CC which is color correctors. These CC creams are designed to correct color problems of the skin including sunspots, sallow tones, redness, hyperpigmentation and post-acne scars. The main purpose of CC creams is to give an overall even tone and texture to the skin but several formulas show other benefits also including tone enhancement, pore refinement, fine line, wrinkle reduction and firming. If you are going to try a CC cream then you should know that there are several CC creams for various kinds of skin and there will be one for you also.
If someone wants to leave foundation for some time but even then have some coverage then CC creams are best for the person. CC creams are different from BB creams as they are suitable for all skin types due to silkier texture and being lightweight. They are suitable for all skin tones as they are available in different shades from dark to fair. All these CC creams can be applied under foundation or also alone.
It was really difficult to find a CC cream suited to your skin texture and shade before the entrance of brands in this market but now different brands are delivering these creams with various formulas that made it easier for you choose the good and right type of CC cream for your skin type. You can shop the 8 best CC creams that will help you choose the best cream for you to get a smooth and glowing skin this summer season. CC Creams Are the Secret to Glowing Skin

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