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Posted on 19 Aug 2014 at 7:24am

How to properly apply eye cream

How to properly apply eye cream

We normally spend a lot of time to buy an eye cream because we know its importance but most of us don’t know how to apply it correctly.
In order to know the right way to apply eye cream to maximize result without looking at the product company, we asked licensed esthetician and SESHA Skin Care’s National Educator, Victoria Piotrowski, to share her advice. Few tips to apply Eye Cream are given below.
1. First use a gentle cleanser to wash face.
2. To balance the skins PH, tone with a natural toner.
3. Apply any good serum to the décolleté, face and neck and let them absorb completely.
4. Apply small dots of eye cream around the eye, under the eye, above the eye up to the eyebrow bone area by using your ring finger and then stimulate circulation by tapping the cream. The delicate skin around the eye should not be stretched or pull. Absorb the cream completely.
5. For protection, use a moisturizer in the day to finish.

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