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Posted on 28 May 2014 at 9:20am

As the summer season is now there and the women should have the attractive and delicate face. The warmer months are the right time for the women to get the dewy and glowing skin. You should do the experiment for getting the attractive skin and you can achieve this in some easy steps:

5 Ways To Get Gorgeous and Dewy Skin

5 Ways To Get Gorgeous and Dewy Skin

Step One: Moisturizer

If you want to get the delicate skin, then the application of moisturizer is best and it can keep your body hydrated. The women should choose the best quality moisturizer for their skin.

Step Two: Primer

The women should select the best quality primer with the luminous finish and the women can get the MAC Strobe Cream for 32$ or L’Oreal Magic Lumi Primer for $13. The women can get the soft and decent skin and it will be shone through the foundation used underneath.

Step Three: Foundation

There is another right and important step for using the fine quality foundation and in this way, the women can get the fresh face. They can get the Nars Sheer Glow for $45 and it will also get the masklike effect over the body and look gorgeous and natural look to the skin. The women can also afford the L’Oreal Paris True Match Lumi foundation for $12 and it will be good for the dry skin. If it does not work well, then you can select the moisturizing foundation as its replacement.

Step Four: Powder

The women, who have the oily skin, they should use the powder over their body and on the oily areas of the face. With the application of the powder, the makeup will be lasted there for long time and it will also give away the extra shine from the face. The women having the dry skin, should not use this step.

Step Five: Blush

The women should not use the powder and they should use the cream to get some extra hydration. The blush will melt into the skin and it will not stay on top of the skin. They should use Makeup Forever HD Cream Blush for $26 as you can find them in huge number of colors to complete the skin tone.

Step Six: Highlighter

The women should use the favorite highlighter to the cheeks top lips and on the nose. The highlighter will be suitable for these places as the sun light can hit over these areas. The women can get the L’Oreal Magic Lumi Highlighter pen, which is available at $13 and it can give the skin, the nice and glittering appearance & you can use the primer to apply over the skin.

When you use all these steps then your skin will give the shining and glowing appearance and the dewy skin will be perfectly looked with the youthful appearance & it will give the dimensional look to the body and face instead of looking flat. The women should try it themselves.

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