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Posted on 03 May 2012 at 6:46am

Natural hair care remedies are rare in world; as most people prefer ready made products. Natural hair care remedies are more beneficial, costless and have definitely better result from other materials. Some natural hair care tips are as follow:


  • Chamomile shampoo: Chamomile is a tea; no doubt tea is very beneficial for hairs color and health. Boil 1 1/2 cups water and place 4 tea bags in water for about 20 minutes. After that add 4 tbsp of soap flakes and 1 1/2 tsp of glycerin in hot water solution and combine all the mixture well. Now chamomile shampoo is prepared, pour it in dry sealed bottle.
  • Simple shampoo: Simple shampoo is very common in under developing countries as it’s very easy to make and includes small amount of ingredients. Pour ¼ cup hot water and same amount of castile soap in a bowl; then mix until all the soap is dissolved. Further add ½ tsp of sunflower oil or any vegetable oil in the soap mixture and stir well until a thick mixture is prepared. Now preserve this natural hair care mixture in bottle and use as any other shampoo.

Color enhancers:-

  • To darken brunettes: Brunette is use for coloring the hairs from ancient times as it’s also a tea. Let’s prepare the natural hair care color liquid, take 2 1/2 cup water in steel bowl and pour 1/3 cup walnut shells and equal amount of black tea, and bark of cherry tree. Bring to boil this liquid for about 20 minutes; after cooking or preparing the liquid; strain it and save in other suitable bottle and apply on hairs.
  • Blonde highlights: Blonde highlights consist on chamomile tea that is best source for coloring the hairs. Mix 3 cups cooled chamomile tea liquid in 1 cup lemon juice and apply in hair shafts. Stay this natural hair care mixture on hairs for half an hour then wash and apply conditioner on hairs.

Natural hair rinses:-

  • Dandruff mint rinses: To cure the dandruff is very difficult task as dandruff is main and common disease of hairs. Now pour 1 cup apple vinegar in ½ cup mint juice and stir enough until they became a mixture. Finally add 1 cup water and bring to heat for 15 minutes, then rinse and pour in your desired sealed bottle.

Brown sugar head scrub: take 2 tbsp of conditioner and mix 4 tbsp of powdered brown sugar in it. Continue combining both the ingredients well as there no tiny particles. Apply this waxy thick mixture on your hairs with fingers and finally wash with fine shampoo.

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