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By zeeshan
Posted on 03 Sep 2016 at 12:04pm

Rainbow color hairs are usually not appreciated but we give importance to the hair according to our skin complexion as much as we value self-expression. Hair with colors like rose gold, unicorn, pastel and watermelon are nice but they don’t suite everyone. But now we have found a new trend through which we can use multiple colors on our hair that would suite also according to our personality and complexion.

Carla Rinaldi is a famous colorist at ‘Not Another Salon’ of London and she has come up with a strange multicolored style hairs suited to everyone.

As expected, it is not a simple procedure. First you have to color the beneath portion of hair with white color that takes some time for bleaching i.e. spending several hours in salon. For the next step, Rinaldi tells to divide these bleached hairs in seven equal parts for coloring them in seven colors of rainbow. It is also a very skillful and time consuming job.

This whole procedure takes four to five hours and you can have to renew it after every two weeks (or maximum 6 weeks). But if you don’t want to end your repeated trips to salon then you can use a razor for your hair also. This look will really make you feel aesthetic with new fashion.

There are many girls with full and thick hair but there are several with fine or curly hair while this multicolored style is suitable for everyone. But according to Rinaldi, you get the best style with one length haircut or longer layers.

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