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Posted on 01 Feb 2013 at 11:37am

Some of the people feel hungry in the morning although they take meal the previous night. They do not understand why they awake up next morning with more hunger. At some times, some people think that they stomach has increased at night and they feel some problems for their hunger but there are some other reasons.



Some of the people in the modern world use to eat staple food which can meat your food requirement and you can eat it to your fill but they are not nutritious food. The staple foods include mashed potatoes, cakes and white dinner rolls which you can eat to your fill but they do not meet your belly requirement. These foods can also raise the sugar level in your body and you do not feel hungry at that time.

These foods cause the quick vacillation in the blood sugar which is the main reason for the disruption of normal cycle of leptin. When the fat cells in the human body secrete this hormone the signal goes to the brain that you eat to your fill. The foods which are the causes such type of responses in the body are hereby encouraged which are termed as “fullness resistance”. When we depend on vegetables or whole grains or lean proteins then they have the same effects and these food supplement make good of the food deficiency in our body and they are very nutritious and are building blocks in our body.

It is also good to avoid the wine or any kind of drink or do not drink at the meal time because it can tell upon the food habits badly and decrease your libido. You should also take full and well nutritious breakfast in the morning and enumerate it in your food.

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