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By zeeshan
Posted on 02 Jul 2016 at 8:10am

We have strong relationship with our hair from our childhood to the last. Like every union, sometimes we need time for ourselves without our partner (hair this time) which really helps us to get proper benefit of the time. It means leaving our usual wash, styling and conditioning of hair is very much necessary to keep the natural oil of hair intact. But there is no need to tell others about our such lazy routine. We will not lose our beauty by sacrificing few days from our normal hair care routine.

If you are having these hair then we are presented 3 such easy and quick hairstyle for post-workout, dirty or oily hair to achieve maximum results. For all the common people, there are easy to understand and practical tutorials presented here. These hairstyles will make your hair remain clean, smooth and shiny even on the third day.

You can star now with the dry shampoo.

Braided Top Knot With Scarf

This is a smart and low maintenance hairstyle to be put in scarf when you are tired of French knot. They will keep your untidy hair in the right place without disturbing you during your work, every day job, dinner etc. Your unruly hair will look thicker and cleaner by scarves but the things can only be keep in order by using few bobby pins.

Braided Ponytail

You will require a good knowledge about your hair, a hair tie and few bobby pins to get this half-up hair style. You one can know about the real situation of your hair after seeing this romantic and feminine hairstyle. You can keep this look even fro three days along with a well washed face.

Braided Bangs

Every woman knows that bangs should be the first hairstyle after waking up late in the morning. This careless and stylish hairstyle is perfect to braid your hair. But you should not include bobby pins for this purpose.

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