An Ode Written to Fearessness of Jena Malone0 Comments

Posted on 12 Dec 2013 at 6:30am

You can find Jena Malone everywhere and most of the people love her because of the stunning movie in which this character was written. She liked to play the moody and oddball. She is more relevant than Kristen Stewart and more anxious than Jennifer Lawrence. She looked perfect while performing in the Perks of Being a Wallflower. She reached the new level like Catching Fire and I do not like to be a super fan in the Hunger Games. Although I have read a lot of book and watched a lot of movies but I do not find any person like Malone performing in that movie.

The characters of everyone has shown the tragic and devastated signs in their lives and she was also found Malone Johanna Mason in angry mood. I sure she talked aloud in all her lines and it gave beautiful impression to the viewers. She also took out of the weapons like the axe and you cannot imagine how much he was fierce.

She has performed the tough character in the movie and also performed the role close to the sexy moment once in the whole movie. She was found in the elevator and nothing was seen objectionable & look like that she has the sex with someone. She has done the role pretty much with the outer motivation of the interest in love.

I wrote about Malone without talking that how amazing she was looking these previous days. Her hair was dressed like a pixie style into a bob. Her hair were looking stunning and beautiful as her hair were short and she can put her hair on the back side. She had the decent hair style and looked pretty in this hairstyle and look in an icon. She was looking fearless while looking as angry like Johanna.

An Ode Written to Fearessness of Jena Malone1

An Ode Written to Fearessness of Jena Malone



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