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Posted on 30 Sep 2013 at 10:51am

Someone once wrote somewhere, from the mouths of babes comes truth. And new boufriend of Taylor Swift, Brenton Thwaites Australian actor, has denied the reports recently that he is in fact new boyfriend of Taylor Swift. According to an inside source, Thwaites dispelled rumors that the two had done anything more than appear in public with each other at the Toronto International Film Festival, Life and Style reports. Thwaites allegedly said, “I took one photo with the girl! I mean, we were hanging out all night, but now suddenly she’s my girlfriend!”

Taylor Swift & Brenton Thwaites Photo

Taylor Swift & Brenton Thwaites Photo

Regardless of the context – the shouting “she’s my girlfriend!” doesn’t seem like a denial. On the other side, already Thwaites is in a relationship with someone else, reportedly. Perhaps they fall somewhere in the spectrum of Not Being Together and Being Together.


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