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By zeeshan
Posted on 27 Jul 2016 at 9:53am

Games of Thrones” is one of the most famous shows that is entertaining the masses since long ago. You can easily divert your attention on Sunday night by watching new episode of this show or can spend a good day on beach by reading its story. Now we can see a superb makeup transformation related to this show which is presented by a famous Filipino actor, makeup artist and TV Host Paolo Ballesteros.

Through Instagram, more than 1.7 million followers of Ballesteros are looking to the style created by the actor as he is using his own face to copy the actresses of “Game of Thrones”. He told that he closely sees pictures of various characters to know about their contours and facial structures. After that, he uses different materials and techniques to transform his face according to the face of the actress like use of suitable wig, eyebrow pencil for sketching, priming, lining his eyes to appear sideways or bigger, highlighting his face, shaping his nostrils other important things.

Ballesteros told that mostly there is no need to change the lips but if it is required then he makes his upper lip thinner by using black liner on its lower part which gives the expression of half-open mouth.

Few pictures are provided below that will show that how well he transformed him for the characters of Sansa, Arya, Cersei, Melisandre, Daenerys, Brienne and Margaery.


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