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By zeeshan
Posted on 24 May 2016 at 6:21am

On 22nd May 2016 at BBMAs red carpet, Rihanna was looking really beautiful while wearing a huge diamond ring. It’s not an engagement ring but there is a message in this ring. It is a possibility that Rihanna wants to give a sign of marriage proposal to Drake through this costly ring.

There is no doubt, girls really like diamond but it can also be used to give a proposal sign. During Billboard Music Awards on 22nd May, Rihanna was flaunting in a beautiful diamond ring but the real reason behind this expensive ring is really surprising. A source told us that she wants to give a hint to Drake that she wants a proposal from him.

The famous singer exactly knows how to give message to others in a right way. Rihanna was aware that she will become center of attraction by wearing such an expensive and sparkling ring. It really worked and the people considered it to have some relation with her marriage.

A source told us that she herself put that ring on her finger but she was in fact trying to say that she wants a man, the one who’s in love with her, should consider putting a ring like that on her finger. Certainly, she was giving a clear message to everyone that she is ready to marry. No doubt, this message was for Drake.

It seems everyone else except Drake has heard her voice. There is no doubt Drake extremely loves her but he feels that their friendship can end if he gets such relationship with Rihanna. Drake’s friend told us th

Rihanna Wants A Proposal from Drake

Rihanna Wants A Proposal from Drake

at Drake really loves her but wants to be her friend instead of attaching himself to her. When there are no expectations then you will not be hurt by other’s attitude. They have tried to get marry but it wasn’t successful and any such thing is not happening for the time being.

But the source told that she is now fed up with these lame excuses by Drake and now she seriously wants to get engaged to him. It’s really surprising that Drake loves him but is afraid to put a ring to her. Now he should think seriously about this matter because she wants a final decision.

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