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Posted on 09 Jan 2013 at 10:02am

Me and 43 year old Marley who making pilgrimage among the celebrities for Christmas to Cabo San Lucas

On the beautiful beach of the Los Cabos, Maxico Jennifer Aniston with her boy friend Justin Theroux showed her amazing figured body.

Justin Theroux have received the perfect chance to spend the holiday with his beautiful stunning Christmas gift Jennifer Aniston, a bikini clad fiancée in the beach of Mexico.


In Cabo San Lucas Aniston with Justin Theroux at her side, heading in a black color tiny bikini turned with her lovely laughing life.

41 years old Theroux did not look bad in his washboard abs and showing off himself Asian full back tattoo on his body.

There have been no sign of a Baby bump found on Monday in Aniston, as in the glossy gossip tabloids there have been rumors of the 43 years old actress pregnancy was circulates.


Jennifer Aniston with her fiancé Justin Theroux on vacation at their hotel in Cabo San Lucas Mexico.

Jennifer lounged in the sun wearing casual sarongs and low key tiny bikini tops in the sunny day. Eventually this couple was not alone there and was joined by other friends including the British actress Emily Blunt with her husband John Krasinski.


In Cabo Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux holding each other.

During the winter Christmas week Cabo San Lucas high end resort becomes a wonderland for many celebrities community. According to the website gossip article George Clooney with his girl friend Stacy Keibler also choose the sleigh bells over the sunshine beach.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux cuddle up in Cabo

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux cuddle up in Cabo

On Christmas Eve in Cabo San Lucas beach Jennifer Aniston show off her beautiful figured body.

On the set of this summer “Wanderlust” Aniston and Theroux have been declared one of the hottest couples of the Hollywood since they met each other. On August 10 during his birthday dinner at Greenwich Village eatery Blue Hill, the screen writer of the “Tropic thunder” have proposed his girlfriend.

Absolutely the Best Beach Bodies and the Worst of the Celebrities

The People magazine told by the source that amazingly Justin makes Jennifer so much happy and everyone was hoping that he would proposed her and they were really excited about it.

Justin Theroux Body

Justin Theroux Body

Heart of the ‘Wanderlust’ co-star was won by the Justin Theroux body showing on the Beach.

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