Gwen Stefani’s Jean-Cuffing Trick Is A Must-See0 Comments

Posted on 05 Aug 2014 at 5:37am

Gwen Stefani's Jean-Cuffing Trick Is A Must-See

Gwen Stefani's Jean-Cuffing Trick Is A Must-See

We’re a bit crazy about stripes. They’re not only classic and graphic but to any outfit, they can function as neutral by adding old of structured fancy. The memo must be gotten by Gwen Stefani too. This week, the singer managed to slip in horizontal lines head-to-toe and through a very clever styling trick, she also created possibilities for few extra stripes.

Start from the bottom. In different widths, the shoes of Stefani are composed of three horizontal straps. They reach right above the ankle as her jeans are cuffed and it makes her pants look like a fourth piece. We don’t know where her pants began and her shoes end. Gwen is the regular height of cool with her rectangular sunglasses along with the stripes of her belt across her chest. Stick to the related color scheme is the right trick to keep this multi-lined look away from ‘messy’ and close to casual and polished. Blue, red and white are right colors in this case. Remember next time to start creating the absolutely new patterns or it may be to earn your stripes.


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