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Posted on 08 Jul 2011 at 7:16am

Prince William and Kate may be used to the finer things in life, but the airplane they’re darting across Canada in isn’t the most lavish of aircraft, even though it shuttles around the Prime Minister of Canada!

Inside William & Kate’s Canadian Airplane

The plane, dubbed Airbus 001—it’s akin to the U.S.’s Air Force One—was originally constructed in the 1980s and then subsequently purchased from now defunct-Canadian Airlines in 1993.

william kate royal tour 1 waving plane

And, get this: It’s barely been renovated! In fact, the regular passenger seats in the back of the aircraft even have ashtrays in the armrests!

William Kate Arrive Ottowa Canada Plan

According to, the newlyweds “are making do with two small rooms, the size of a tiny den, set up the saw way as when Prime Minister Stephen Harper is onboard.”

The room where the newlyweds are spending most of their time contains two couches that can be converted into beds and a small, 14-inch TV on which to watch DVDs. The other room, dubbed “the state room,” is an office with four business class seats, a desk, and a couch that seats three people.

William Kate Arrive Ottowa Canada Plane kid

Lt.-Col. Andy Cook, the plan’s pilot, says William and Kate nearly never leave the confines of their room. “The amount of pressure and the amount of people who are always watching the Prince and the Duchess at all times, I think our two tiny rooms in this aircraft are a real haven for them. I tell you when they walk on the airplane, they go in there and the door closes and except for one steward that serves them personally—if they want a coffee or something like that—they are on their own. And they are no longer the Duke and Duchess and they are just a newly married couple.”

Then there’s a small standard airline restroom that can be connected to another restroom that was converted into a small shower. “We only connect the shower when we have VIP trips,” Cook said.

He adds, “That’s all it is…[It's] not palatial by any stretch of the imagination. Very comfortable but it is certainly not palatial.”

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