Jennifer Aniston To Splash Out $5.9 Million on an NYC Apartment?0 Comments

Posted on 27 Apr 2011 at 11:52am

Jennifer Aniston, who is a Manhattanite by heart, is abandoning her dream Beverly Hills home (with a modest price tag of $42 million), for a New York City pad. And the new place is only gonna cost her $5.9 mil — almost exactly 1/7th the cost!

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He is living in Tinseltown, and it will appear on the luxurious Manhattan penthouse that is designed for its own sprawling zen-themed “Ohana” (“large family” to Hawaiian), real estate, trade is.

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This will be a very downscale. Its 10,000 square-foot Beverly Hills home to five bedrooms, seven and a half baths and a bar years old, is a multimillion dollar fitness center, a staff room has.

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His new 1,200 square foot penthouse has only one bedroom and a bathroom. However, more than 500 feet, plenty of things in NYC, News. Oh, the city’s 800 square foot terrace with panoramic views are.

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Alright, sold. As we’ve sold … non-domestic. “I’ve been looking and looking and looking I (New York City) here, I miss that Everyman was increased only in the city as a city, nothing is …

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He’s recently said trans-continental move.’s All Walks of life – I love that!”

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