Jennifer Hudson’s Inspiring Weight-Loss Journey0 Comments

Posted on 19 Sep 2014 at 6:49am

Jennifer Hudson's Inspiring Weight-Loss Journey

Jennifer Hudson's Inspiring Weight-Loss Journey

Jennifer Hudson is the Oscar award winner singer and she is now celebrating her 33 birthday. She has cut short of her weight and has inspired others with her weight loss success. She has already lost her weight to 80 pounds when her son was born in 2009. The people should check as how she made her commitment to lose her weight.

A lifestyle: when she was pregnant, she started loosing her weight. She did not adopt the crash dieting to loose her weight but she lost her weight wisely. She controlled her diet and take exercise as the Weight Watchers has participated in it. She said that the weight is lost not changing the diet but bringing change in the lifestyle. When achieved her objective in loosing her weight in 2012, she ended her partnership with the Weight Watchers in 2014.

Happiness fulfilled: Jennifer is pleased that she has lost her weight and now she is telling everybody, how she has lost her weight. Her dresses are now loose to her and she is feeling well. She said she like herself that how much she had weight and now she has decreased her weight. She told Ellen that she had lost her weight going down from the size of 16 to 6.

Sweat for success: Jennifer got the training from Harley Pasternak and she had the shape with the time saving works in which the work of 25 minutes with 5 factor is included. She kept all her work steady and do it as fun. She takes the exercise and likes to play the game of basketball. In this way, you do not realize that what you are doing.

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