Kim Kardashian Started ‘Initiate Affair’ with Kanye West0 Comments

Posted on 24 Apr 2014 at 5:34am

Kim Kardashian Started ‘Initiate Affair’ with Kanye West

Kim Kardashian Started ‘Initiate Affair’ with Kanye West

Kim kardashian is a leading personality and she was dating with Reggie Bush. At that moment, she wanted to initiate the affair with Kanye West. The reality TV star kept an eye on the 36 years old her boyfriend. She was seeing with the American footballer during these days and these relationships were broken in 2010. told that Kim wanted to start an affair with Kanye West during these days and she made various attempts in these days and Reggie busted it for many time to her. Now they are friends and they have 10 months daughter named North and before this, they have been dating for only two years and they were known to each other for much longer.

Kim said that she loved Reggie but he was not so much fashionable and exciting as she found Kanye West, so she started friendship with him and came close to him for maintaining their relationships. The couple was got engaged in October and now they are going to tie the knot in Paris next month and she is also looking for another baby next year.

She has already told that she would try to get pregnancy by the end of this year although she did not like being pregnant. She is very close to her daughter, North and she has forgotten all the worries, which she faced during the pregnancy and the struggle during the pregnancy.


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