Kim Kardashian Tweets Baby Pics As Kanye West Has Changed Her0 Comments

Posted on 01 Feb 2013 at 11:41am

Kim Kardashian did not want to sell the pictures of her baby but now Kanye West has convinced her and changed her mind set. Now she is agree to sell the pictures of her baby for free. Kin said that she will tweet the picture of her baby for free very soon.

Kim Kardashian with boyfriend

Kim Kardashian with boyfriend

While giving an interview to the New York daily news, one of the close sources to Kim told that Kris, the mom of Kim is money hungry mom and she got ready the Kim to sell her first ever baby for money. The source also told that earlier Kim was interested in selling the pictures of her baby but now she has changed her mind. She has changed her priorities and she is acting what Kris and Kanye want from her. So she has to change her mind and ready to sell the pictures of her baby. Kayne has done only one episode of show and now he is returning back. Now Kim took him to Miami as she thought that it is not just good for his image. Now you should wait as the pictures of the Kim’s are emerging very soon.

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