Kylie Jenner vs Blac Chyna – She Dissed Tyga’s Ex On Instagram0 Comments

Posted on 31 Mar 2015 at 7:15am


Kylie Jenner vs Blac Chyna

Kylie Jenner vs Blac Chyna

It looks like everybody who’s anybody is posting shade on Instagram, and they latest perpetrator is Kylie Jenner’s. On 24th of March Kylie lashed out on Instagram following her boyfriend, Tyga’s, ex, Blac Chyna, shared an image of a watch that he gifted her some years ago. In reply, Kylie shared an image of herself sporting a replica of the watch, whilst captioning it. Obviously she was trying to insure that Blac is aware of who Tyga is now dating. Therefore why Kylie feel the need to diss Blac Chyna? In the following is what we know.

“Kylie is not at all frightened of threatened by Blac Chyna. Kylie does not understand why Black would share an image of the watch Tyga gifted her some years past, however whatever her basis are, Kylie prefers her to know just what time it is and that she requires to fall back while it comes about Tyga.

Those are a few fighting words. It looks like she is won’t let Blac Chyna walk all over her. Expectantly, Blac takes notic of Kylie’s Instagram diss, which TMZ was first to appreciate, and “Fall Back” a little. We would not want to see these 2 get into a bigger argument then they have already begun.

“Kylie mentioned the caption “Now” into her Instagram picture because she’s currently amusing Tyga and wants everybody to realize it, as well Blac. Kylie thinks Blac Chyna forgot to set the time on her watch forward 1 hour for Spring as she is undoubtedly in Fall if she thinks there is any opportunity she is getting Tyga back,” our insider mentions.

We are not clearly sure what that signifies, however it seems like Kylie is actually into Tyga and does not prefer anybody to come among them.

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