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Posted on 01 Mar 2013 at 10:03am

Pop singer, Lady Gaga admitted in the hospital for undergoing the hip surgery.

The popular singer, Lady Gaga has some joint problems and she felt problems while moving and she left her Born This Way Ball tour earlier this month when she was diagnosed as synovitis.


She felt so much problem during her tour that she used wheel chair ‘Emma’ to give the rest to her legs. Now she is undergoing the operation of her leg to get rid of this problem.

She is using wheel chair ….. she showed her wheel chair to the public.

She left a message on twitter in which she said that she is going for surgery now. She also thanked to her fans and supporters who sent her love and respect and prayed for her successful surgery.

Lady Gaga introduced fans to 'Emma' earlier this week

Lady Gaga introduced fans to 'Emma' earlier this week

Before the surgery, she made a schedule for touring the shows in different cities, which are affected due to her present surgery. She will suffer with million when she will not go for her shows which she has already scheduled. It is also said that she was responsible for her injury as she has tight schedule of working and she has also scheduled many dates for her shows.

She has made schedule for showing her performance in Tulsa, Oklahoma on March 20, 2013 and her new tour, the Born This Way Ball will start in Seoul, South Korea on April 27, 2012. It is also not confirmed that Gaga will play new shows after her surgery in  replacement of those shows which she cancelled due to her surgery.

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