Lindsay Lohan Rejects Plea Bargain0 Comments

Posted on 31 Mar 2011 at 11:24am

As expected, Lindsay Lohan went to court today and rejected the prosecutor’s plea agreement that included time in jail for stealing a necklace that we’re way too obsessed with, considering it doesn’t even have anything like a charm hanging off of it. Superior Court Judge Keith Schwartz’s reaction was one of displeasure, but he decided to give Lindsay one more chance to plead guilty or no contest to the theft charges, and asked that she come back on March 25th with a decision. When Lindsay goes back to Judge Schwartz, and informs him she will plead not guilty or no contest, Judge Stephanie Sautner is a preliminary hearing on 22 April, starting at the prosecutor presents evidence against them is to hold. TMZ said the judge will certainly honor that Lindsay delinquent, they are held in prison until their trial begins means. If convicted, they could three years served in the jail, which is naturally reduced because they are not a violent offender and because Los Angeles has not figured out found that the problem of overcrowded prisons is on the person, it is important to realized for dissolved playgrounds have more than one slide.

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