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Posted on 25 Feb 2016 at 12:46pm

In the Fernando Trueba’s film “The Queen of Spain”, Mandy Patinkin will play a supporting role. In this Spanish language film, Penelope Cruz will play the main role which is about a famous movie star who returns to her homeland Madrid after leaving the Hollywood glamour of 1950s.
Mandy will play the role of a fictitious American screenwriter who is working on a film in which Cruz will star as an imaginary Spanish actress of 1930s Macarena Granada. This role was also present in Cruz and Trueba’s previous film “The Girl of Your Dreams”.
It is the third time that Cruz is working in the Trueba’s film. “Belle Epoque” in 1992 was their first movie that won the Academy Award in the category of ‘best foreign language film’. Cruz won her first Goya Award for their second film “Girl of Your Dreams” which was the prequel of their latest movie “The Queen of Spain”. Along with Cruz, the original Spanish cast is present in this upcoming movie.
The shooting will start in Budapest from 29th February but primary location of the movie is Madrid. The producers of this movie are Anne Deluz and Cristina Huete while the organizer for sales and distribution is Eric Charles Wilkinson.
Patinkin was nominated twice for Emmy Awards for her role of ‘Saul Berenson’ in hit TV series “Homeland” which has just completed its 5th season in December 2015. In Asif kapadia’s “Ali & Nino”, he was a co-star while the world premiere of this movie was held last at the Sundance Film Festival last month. In the upcoming animated movie “Smurfs: The Lost Village”, the actor is currently voicing the role of Papa Smurf.

Mandy Patinkin Joins Penelope Cruz's 'Queen of Spain'
Mandy Patinkin Joins Penelope Cruz’s ‘Queen of Spain’

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