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Posted on 20 Feb 2013 at 7:26am

Sara Leal who had relationships with Ashton when he was married with Demi moore, now advises Mila KunisĀ  to be careful from Ashton.

Sara Leal Hot

Sara Leal Hot

The blonde hair, Sara Leal destroyed the married life of Ashton Kutcher to Demi Moore. Now she warned Mila Kunis that he may again cheat you and destroy your life.

Sara who was the main character for the separation of Ashton and Demi Moore, advised Sara to be at a distance from Ashton and she also said sorry to Demi Moore for her mischievous deeds.

She warned Mila that once a person cheat to anybody, he may again cheat to someone else so you should be aware of him and remain at distance. He does not bear good track record so he may repeat his cheating attitude but on the other hand, Mila is ready to take the risk and she is ready to go with Ashton.

Mila and Ashton at a game of basketball

Mila and Ashton at a game of basketball

She said that if she went on date with a person who has already cheat his wife then I surely felt suspicion about her and I feel unsafe and in danger then I will keep an eye on my boy friend. How can you trust on a person on the date who has already cheat his wife. If he is not sincere with his wife then he cannot be sincere with you at any cost.

Sara Leal was the girl friend of Ashton and she spent some time with him in San Diego hotel room in September 2011. This was the start of the end of his marriage with Demi Moore. She also accepted that she slept with her boyfriend, Ashton twice. She admitted that she was enjoying with her friends and she drank too much then she met with Ashton who took her to the hotel room where they spent the night.

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