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Posted on 14 Sep 2013 at 8:03am

Miley Cyrus has performed well and she showed her performance in the VMA the previous week, now we have received opinion from everyone. At the beginning, she did not respond and now she started responding on the matters and giving answers over the twerk. MTV has released a clip of the documentary of Miley Cyrus and she proved to break the connection with the internet.

She told the crew of the movie that she and Robin are going to make history right now. While performing, she knew about the reaction of the audience and she started dancing teddy bears. She also said that people are still discussing about it. The people thought about it and they can do what they like.

It becomes controversial performance and it affects the career of the star. It does not become backlash and she said that she does not give attention negatively as she has seen this many times. She was also of the opinion that it was her props for fearlessness and it cannot be possible to block out the criticism, which is hardest part.

Miley Cyrus First Post VMAs Interview Photo

Miley Cyrus First Post VMAs Interview Photo

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