Miley Cyrus Thinks Twitter Is Out to Get Her1 Comment

Posted on 24 May 2011 at 11:13am

In the minds of Miley Cyrus’, it is inconceivable that after several weeks of tweeting little heart out, she has yet to hit the one million followers. The relatively small number of followers has nothing to do with the fact that Cyrus famous close the social networking site for over a year-Heavens, no! It’s because Twitter is out to get her. At least that is what Miley seems to think, anyway.

Miley is currently hovering around the 975,000 mark follower, and is trying very hard on her number. On Tuesday, he tweeted, “I’m so close to one million can make it happen by the weekend =] xxx”. Soon after, an informed namedMileyCyrusBz Miley that Twitter had somehow “locked” the argument that they had tried to trend up Miley.

Miley replied with the following:

  • @MileyCyrusBz WTF??? why is twitter blocking it? does twitter hate me?????!!!????? I am gonna figure this out asap
  • @MileyCyrusBz We have to get everyone tweeting that #twitteriswack because they block me as trendings! why are they being shady??!
  • @MileyCyrusBz ha! if twitter is blocking me getting 1,000,000 they’ll deff block #twitteriswack They are worst than the gov. denying aliens!

Perhaps Miley would be better off upping her Twitter game than complaining about the powers that be. A bikini photo might do the trickā€”it worked for Jordin Sparks and Demi Lovato, anyway.

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