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By zeeshan
Posted on 31 Oct 2016 at 10:03am

The Hollywood movie, ‘Boo Madea Halloween’ was released last year and this movie is still governing on the box office. This movie, ‘Boo Madea Halloween’ earned one billion and 73 crore rupees this week and it remained at the top position. This movie was released with this name and the story of the movie is traditional and it is based on the enjoyment of the young generation and the bloodshed on Halloween. This movie has earned total five and half billion rupees after its release.

The Hollywood new mystery and thriller movie, Inferno of the leading actor, Tom Hanks reached at the second position. There are Ben Foster and Indian actor, Irfan Khan, who are also working in this movie. Ron Howard is the director of the movie and this suspense movie is derived from the book of the American novelist, Dean Brown. The story of this movie is moving around a person, who is suffered with the dementia. This person remained unconscious for a long time in an Italian hospital and after that he came round.

Movie Boo Madea Halloween

When he came into senses, then he came out on a unique expedition to search the complex puzzle and he has to face the dangerous situation. On the first three days after release of this movie, Inferno earned one billion and 56 crore rupees. The action and drama filled new thriller movie, ‘Jack Reacher’ Never Go Back’ earned one billion rupees and it remained at the third number during this week. This movie is the sequel of the Hollywood movie, ‘Jack Reacher’, which got tremendous success on the box office in 2012.

The story of the movie is derived from the leading novel, and Edward Zwick is the director of the movie. The story of the movie is moving around such an intelligent and professional agent, who investigates the murder case and after that he reaches to the evidences of an important personality, who is involved in this murder case.

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