Nicole Richie Dyes Hair Purple0 Comments

Posted on 26 Feb 2014 at 6:14am

Nicole Richie Dyes Hair Purple

Nicole Richie Dyes Hair Purple

It doesn’t get more breaking than this in the world of beauty news that in purple, Nicole Richie has dyed her hair. And we’re talking about full-on lilac locks, not about a tingle of purple, as you can see.

To Richie’s chameleon abilities, this hair switchover is truly a testament. She was spotted sporting a chocolate-brown bob, just days ago and just today, her big insta-reveal occurred. In our day, we’ve seen Richie rock many a darind ‘do (pink dip dye, ombre etc) but by this bold foray into Kelly Osbourne territory, we’ve to say that even we were surprised.

Only time will tell if we’re looking at more of a semi-permanent situation or Richie’s colorful crop is here to stay.


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